Reserving the LMC

Reserving Space

In order to reserve the media center please email [email protected] or please come see Mr. Lainson in the media center.

Some things to consider before asking:

  • If you just want a space with computers, I will book you for 219C, the computer lab.
  • The main area is mostly for students to come and do their work. However, I will book this space for you if you:
    •  Want to co-teach or do research based instruction.
    • Are in desperate need of computers and the lab is booked.
  • The Glass Room/PD room is not for classes. Even if the space is empty, please do not ask to book it for classes. Many other building professionals use it throughout the day whenever a quiet space is needed.
  • 219B (The room against the left wall near the biographies) is not available on Monday's and Wednesday's.

***PLEASE make your appointments ASAP. PLEASE do not show up five minutes before you need a private space and expect that there will be an availability.***