Research Paper Materials

Research Materials:

Below is a list of resources to use for papers, research, etc... 

This page will be updated whenever new resources are added or suggested. If you would like to make a suggestion for this page, please email Mr. Lainson.
OWL Purdue

Here is the link for the Purdue OWL page. The OWL page is the top hit for research paper searches but it is also one of the most reliable resources you can use. The page is also embedded below.

The Modern Language Association

The Modern Language Association is a formal scholarly organization that advocates for the advancement and study of literature in modern languages (languages currently spoken in various vocabularies and vernaculars.) However, we best know them as the organization that has set a standard for how papers are written. 

While they offer a style book for purchase they offer a style guide for free here.

Below is the formatting guide embedded.

American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association is the largest organization of Psychologists in the nation. However, same with the MLA, we know them best for their term paper style guide: APA formatting. Here is the link for how to format a paper and below is an embedded guide.