Scholarship Information


Students have 4 streams to decide from when they are ready to begin the pursuit of a scholarship. The student can take advantage of one, multiple or all! 

In Naviance there is a list of scholarships that you can apply to. From your Naviance Student Home screen click the “Colleges” tab, from the drop down menu click the “Scholarships & Money” tab which is last in the list. Finally click the “Scholarship List” tab and a list of scholarships will appear!

The Clearinghouse is a Plainfield Public Schools’ initiative to streamline the scholarship application process. It is our own version of a coalition application but for scholarships. There are over 50 different scholarships and students only need to essentially complete one application. Students are notified once the application is open for the year. Opportunities for students to complete the application along with assistance will be scheduled in The Career & College Readiness Center at Plainfield High School.

Students may wish to pursue scholarships that are outside what is currently being listed via Plainfield Public Schools. One such website students could use to assist in this search is www.FastWeb.Com

If you prefer hard copies, there are copies of scholarships that are listed in Naviance available in The Counseling Suite. The File Cabinet is located as soon as you walk in, feel free to grab copies of the scholarship applications of your choice!