Below are just some general resources available here in the media center. This is a dynamic page, which will change as new resources are available. So make sure to check back or make a suggestion for what you would like!

Books - Follett

You can view the school's book catalog using Follett.  Be sure to choose Plainfield High School to view the correct catalog.  Follett will load in this window but for fastest use, open in a new window.


Below is the EBSCOhost login page. Please visit the media center to get the login credentials. Like Follett, open this page in a new tab/window for fastest use.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free journal search engine. While anyone can use it, be cautious as it sometimes presents results that are not free or available to anyone. 

Encyclopædia Britannica

Encyclopædia Britannica is a mostly free encyclopedia that provides reliable reference information. Like Wikipedia, articles have linked information that can lead a user to many other related articles on a specific subject. In addition, all the citation information is made available by clicking the cite button in the upper right hand corner of an article.